- Frequently Asked Questions -

Where can the decals be installed? Our decals can be applied to any smooth, wax free surface. Our decals come ready to install. Suggested places to apply include windows, car doors, hoods, or trunks, tool boxes, mirrors, etc.

Is it hard to install the Decals? Not at all, simply follow the included instruction sheet or the detailed instructions located on our website home page.

Can the Decals damage my window tint or my rear window defroster? No Because the vinyl decals are designed for outdoor installation.

What are the decals made of? All our decals are made from high quality self adhesive vinyl material and has excellent workability and removal properties.

Do you make custom decals in different sizes? Sure, just let us know the size and color you need your decal and we'll send you a quote.

Do you accept images files to design Custom Decals? We accept most IBM compatible formats like BMP, PCX, JPG, TIFF, CGM, GIF, & EPS format.

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